How to Get the Best Price for Your Run Down House in Salt Lake

Below are some great examples of why you may want to consider selling a run down property to a local Salt Lake Cash Home Buyer such as Utah Close Fast. Homes that haven’t been maintained and have deferred maintenance can create a unique set of issues for their owners. If you should find yourself holding property in less than stellar condition, we will explore how to get the best cash offer for your run-down house in Salt Lake.

Avoid Contingencies

Frequently, sellers or landlords with run-down homes who list on their own or with a real estate agent through the traditional MLS receive offers full of contingencies. And once known about them must be disclosed to the next potential buyer. These additions to the contract require the completion of all repairs at your expense. Some buyers ask for excessive deductions from the asking price for taking on the repairs after the purchase. Some buyers may even need time to sell their existing property.  By making a direct sale to a professional buyer, you can skip the negotiations and all contingencies, getting the best price for your run-down house in Salt Lake City.

Avoid Inspections

Professional buyers and local iBuyers will buy any home in as-is condition, and these direct sales usually require no inspections and have ZERO fees. When you hire professional buyers you are hiring full-time professionals from the real estate industry. This network allows for speedy cost savings transactions, allowing you to walk away from the headaches and uncertainties with cash in hand, often in as little as a week, or when you’re finally ready. A direct sale offers a simple, straightforward way to get the best price for your run-down house in Salt Lake City.

Avoid Financing Red Tape

When selling to Utah Close Fast you can avoid the financing red tape. Normally to sell your home, you will be required to pay title fees and commissions to a professional for their services.

Avoid Lingering on the Market

For many sellers with homes in disrepair, their listing lingers. As buyers scroll through listings online, the days on market information are among the first facts they see regarding your property. More extended periods on the market make these potential buyers fearful of delving into a rabbit hole of discovery, and each new find a repair that costs even more money. Each passing day a listing sits on the market increases the house’s odds of taking even longer to sell, if at all. In the meanwhile, you are still paying the mortgage and whatever repairs required to make your home habitable. Working with a  professional buyer like Utah Close Fast Cash Home Buyers can save you thousands of dollars in holding costs. Selling faster through a direct sale avoids these costs, helping to get the best price for your run-down house in Salt Lake.

Work With Utah Close Fast Cash Home Buyers 

To get the best price for your run-down house in Salt Lake, sell it directly to Utah Close Fast Cash Home Buyers. You will spend no money on marketing, repairs and won’t even have to clean up because there are no showings. Explaining how we reach our numbers, Utah Close Fast Cash Home Buyers works with you to reach an agreement on the offer. At Utah Close Fast Cash Home Buyers, our professional buyers are happy to answer your questions and concerns without obligation. Utah Close Fast Cash Home Buyers has the answers you’ve been looking for to solve your problems! Ready to learn more? Send us a message or call us at (801) 755-3865 today to learn more!

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