4 Things to Look for When Buying Multi-Generational Property in Salt Lake

With economic conditions creating complications for adults of all age groups, it’s not uncommon to see families coming together to purchase a property together. In order to assist with accommodating people with varying wants and needs, here are 4 things to look for when buying multi-generational property in Salt Lake.

Adequate Space

First and foremost, you want to make sure you’re looking at listings that will provide enough bedrooms and bathrooms for everyone to live comfortably. 

It can be easy to enter this scenario feeling that thrift overshadows most other aspects, but you don’t want to find yourself waiting in line to brush your teeth every morning. 

More modern, open layouts will accommodate this need by maintaining optimal traffic flow while providing utilitarian common areas of the home. When doing any walkthrough of a property, be sure to mentally divide up who would be most likely to have this or that bedroom or bathroom to themselves. 

Discuss this with the other potential residents to keep the lines of communication open and clear.

Disabled Accessibility

Perhaps you’re planning to live with an individual or individuals who may need regular care or just a minimal amount of assistance in daily tasks. 

As you’re looking through listings, attempt to envision how anyone with these needs would get around the home and how their day-to-day life could be impacted by high countertops, narrow doorways, or a lack of ramp access. Homes with secure shower handlebars or the space to install a lift chair next to a stairway may make a big difference to those family members with severe mobility issues. 

By planning ahead for these possible obstacles, you could easily save yourself a lot of time, money, and effort required for compensation and adjustments down the road. You may find that a different property can suit these needs without any adjustments on your part. 

Before putting an offer in on a property, try to have a best estimate of the cost to make any changes to the home in order to prevent any nasty financial surprises later on.


Something that can be easy to overlook is the capability to turn any common areas into a more private space, even temporarily. 

As time goes on, the wants and needs of those living in the home are bound to change, and you will need opportunities to adjust the living arrangements in the home to make things work accordingly. 

This means thinking about the present as well as the future to make sure you’re purchasing a property that will allow you to adapt over time as the kids grow up and begin to want more privacy of their own.


The normal process of looking for a home will often have you considering any interesting property’s location relative to the places you normally want to travel. 

The same can be said of shopping for a multi-generational property, except now you need to take into consideration the locations where many people may need or want to go. 

When moving in with older parents or grandparents, this could mean paying attention to the distance from hospitals and other health care facilities. A younger couple with a family or looking to start a family will certainly be interested in the quality of any nearby schools. 

Everyone will want to keep in mind how close a property is to regular commuter routes, shopping, and their preferred entertainment venues. 

A final thing to keep in mind if you’re living in an urban area is the ability to travel to and from your chosen mass transit lines.

Guidance in Choosing a Multi-Generational Property in Salt Lake

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