6 Out of the Box Marketing Ideas to Sell Your House in Salt Lake

6 Out of the Box Marketing Ideas to Sell Your House in Salt LakeDo you need to sell your house in Salt Lake? It may currently still be a seller’s market out there, but sellers today have additional challenges to contend with – COVID-19, fear and uncertainty, economic distress, and more. And this means that selling your house will probably not be an easy task despite the fact that the market favors sellers. So for a quicker sale at a better price, sellers are going to have to get creative and be willing to experiment, particularly when it comes to marketing. Here, then, are 6 out-of-the-box marketing ideas to sell your house in Salt Lake.

1. Offer an Incentive

A great way to stand out from the competition and sell your house in Salt Lake is by offering an incentive or inclusion. Most other sellers are not doing this, and that means you’ll have a competitive edge.

Possible incentives could be, for example, offering to pay a year’s HOA fees, offering to pay closing costs, or even including the new kitchen appliances with the house. This is an effective out-of-the-box marketing tactic because it can often transform fence-sitters into serious buyers. It’s the old and highly effective principle of reciprocity at work: if you give something, you can get something.

2. Offer “Test Drives”

You wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a test drive, would you? Well, the same thing goes for selling your house in Salt Lake. You can offer buyers a “test drive” of your house to generate more interest.

What this means is offering serious buyers a chance to experience living in your house for a short time, say, for a weekend. This can be what it takes to move a potential buyer toward becoming an actual buyer.

You do have to be careful, though, and thoroughly vet people before allowing them to stay in your home. Your local agent can help you out with this. To discover more, call (801) 755-3865.

3. Offer Facebook Rewards

Another great creative marketing tactic to help you sell your house in Salt Lake involves offering rewards on Facebook. You are thus able to leverage both the marketing reach of Facebook and the power of monetary incentives.

Typically, it works like this . . .

You post your listing on Facebook and then share it with all your Facebook friends. And then you announce that you’re offering a reward – something like, say, a Visa gift card – to anyone whose share of your listing results in a viewing or a sale. This tactic is sure to generate some interest in your listing.

4. Leverage Community Micro-Influencers

Every community has a number of what might be termed “micro-influencers” – those people who come into contact with many others and whose opinions are generally well regarded. Such micro-influencers might be your local hairstylist, the bartender at the local tavern, or the popular dog groomer. Whoever it is, try to leverage their their influencing power.

Share your listing with them on Facebook, and talk to them about your house for sale. These influencers can then pass the word along to their customers and clients. Even in our digital age, word-of-mouth advertising and recommendations still carry the most weight.

5. Use Live Video

Virtual tours have proven their effectiveness time and again, but an even more powerful marketing tactic to sell your house in Salt Lake is the use of live video. “Research shows that live video is one of the most powerful ways to capture buyers’ attention. Facebook reports that users spend more than three times longer watching live videos than non-live videos.”

So be sure to talk to your agent about creating some highly effective live videos of your home. They can give viewers a real feel for your home and what living there will actually be like. And a regular series of live videos will keep viewers coming back for more.

6. Sell the Experience

You’ve probably heard sales experts say many times over that you shouldn’t try to emphasize or sell features, but rather benefits. And the same applies when you want to sell your house in Salt Lake. Sell the experience, not the property.

“Most people don’t care about real estate – they care about what a new house can bring them and their family. To encourage leads to call you, book property to view, or put an offer in on a property, you have to sell properties by selling the experience surrounding the listings. Instead of just talking about the property specs – yes, lots of bedrooms and a big backyard are great, but they aren’t the only factors that sell a house – promote how different aspects could be integrated into buyers’ lives.”

Your goal should be to create a memorable experience for potential buyers. That’s why industry pros say that “your real estate marketing should offer buyers a full picture of how great their lives will be with your property. This will, in turn, motivate them to reach out and learn more about the listing.”

Get More Out-of-the-Box Ideas

These out-of-the-box marketing ideas to help you sell your house should put you well on the way toward making a sale. But with all the current challenges, you’d be even better off deploying even more effective marketing tactics. Your local real estate agent will know exactly what will work in the local market. So when you’re ready to sell your house in Salt Lake, contact us at (801) 755-3865

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