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Factors we look at when buying houses for cash

Selling the house for cash is an easier and faster process than most imagine. Using the right buying company is an entirely different scenario because the market does not adhere to strict regulations like the average real estate industry. There are serious advantages of working with a buyer who will give you a decent offer and make the purchase sensible for your finances. The best one has a transparent transaction process and clearly states all the factors they consider at each stage.

Qualified sellers 

Are you going through the process of determining whether we will accept your home? The house cash buyer has minimal prerequisites in comparison to the realtor. Utah Close Fast Cash Home Buyers buys houses in all kinds of conditions, including homes facing foreclosure. So sign up for an inspection of your property, no matter how old it is, and let us help you with a speedy and fair transaction.

What you should do to sell my home in Salt Lake City

The overall process of selling a home for cash includes the following:

  • Contact the seller or fill in an online application to submit your property details
  • We will contact you within 24 hours to set a visitation date and make an offer after the inspection
  • We then offer a purchase agreement form when you agree to the fast cash home offers in SLC UT
  • Our team will process and go over all other details to close the sale in as little as a fortnight
Selling a house for cash

The first step of beginning the transaction is agreeing to the offer and signing the Purchase and Sale Agreement contract, which means that you agree to the beginning of the transactions.

Check the funds

Some sellers prefer to get proof of funds when they sell. Typically, they will verify the existence of funds with a bank or investment statement from the bank. In our case, clients tend to look at our previous transactions to confirm our ability to purchase. So feel free to get in touch for the best Salt Lake City we buy houses.

Use a title and escrow company.

The title company ensures the property liens are correct and that the property title is changing ownership. In addition, they manage the closing documents and facilitate the transfer of funds with the proper legal notices.

Signing the closing document 

We buy houses in Salt Lake City is not complete until we go over and sign all necessary closing documents. The mountain of paperwork is tough to scan; hence we only need you to submit them for review and consideration. Examples of typical documents include:

  • The final closing documents to sell the house for cash
  • HUD-1 settlement statement that includes everything from the pay-off balance, sale price, and utility bills
  • Tile certificate
  • Loan payment statement if you have a mortgage or a title deed
  • Mechanics liens to prove lack of liens from laborers of the property

The type of documents you sign may vary depending on the property’s details and the transaction of how we buy houses in Salt Lake City. We will let you know of all the requirements ahead of time and choose the most convenient closing date. Call (801) 755-3865 today to get a fair cash offer.

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