How To: Selling your house to a cash home buyer

Truck Talk; How to sell your house for cash

Hey guys, Eric with Utah Close fast here. Some of y’all have some questions on what the process is when selling a house for cash, your inherited house, pre-foreclosure, house that needs work. You’re going through a divorce and you got to sell quick for cash.

Some of you want to know what’s the process involved when you sell to a cash home buyer, like Utah Close Fast. It’s pretty simple. You can give me a call my numbers in the link below, and you can go to my website and you can fill out the property information and I’ll give you a call.

We would schedule a showing to come and look at the property. We can inspect it that very day. We’d look through the property. And we could come up with an offer that very day for you, an offer that would be a cash offer, an offer that’s as is, you can leave the junk. You can take what you want. We’ll take care of the rest. We’ll close on your schedule, too. So if you want to close in seven days well we can close in seven days you want to close in two months, we’ll close in two months. After you agree on the price with us and we’re competitive, we’re also A + rated with the better business bureau, we got high Google reviews. So if you like the offer , we can write a contract that day, plan closing for when you’re ready. After we signed the contract, I contact the title company, they’ll start their paperwork that usually takes a few days. Once that’s ready, we can go to the closing table. We don’t charge any commissions and the buyers and seller title fee is included in the price that you get. So you don’t have to come up with any extra money. The only thing you’d have to pay for is if there’s a mortgage on the property or there’s some tax lien on the property, or a mechanics lien where say somebody had come in and done some work and they were never paid. But that comes up before closing , and we can resolve any of the issues. So on closing day, we go to the title company, you sign a few papers and if we go early enough then the title company can wire the funds into your bank account of choice that very day.

If there’s not that day, then it will be the next day. And when that funding occurs and you see the money in your account, then that’s when the keys exchange hands and, the deal is done. So guys , it might seem like a hard process, but when you’re dealing with a company that does it all the time, like Utah Close Fast we just know how to make that process work and work for you.

Give us a call or go to my website,, fill out the info and we’ll talk soon. Thanks a lot, guys. We’ll see ya.

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