What Cash Buyers Can or May Not Do

Traditionally cash home buyers are companies that look for property in some form of distress.  They come in, fix all issues, then resale for a profit. Today, there are more and more people simply looking to sell their well maintained property simply to avoid the hassle of listing and waiting for a buyer.
When it comes to a form of distress, there can be several situations that lead to a person in a real need to sell.  This can range from, divorce or inheritance, to differed maintenance or late on payments.  A cash home buyer like Utah Close Fast is poised to help these people quickly transition the property to a sale and the proceeds in their pocket in a short time.  There’s usually no fees outside the agreed upon sales price as the investor incorporates all these numbers in to give you a clean number and easy brake from the property.  There are many things  an investor must consider when making an offer. For starters, they will calculate the amount it will take for all repairs and renovation. Another item is the amount it will cost while holding the property. So even though investors can pay in “cash”, they usually get that money from a revolving line of credit. That line of credit allows them to purchase fast, but like any type of loan, they have to pay interest while holding the property.  This time includes the repair period along with the time it takes while marketing to the new prospective buyers. Other items include the commissions the investor will pay the future buyers realtor, property tax while in possession of the property, and closing costs and title fees.  These items ad up and have to be calculated to come up the a buy price that will satisfy the seller and still leave room for a profit.
Now there are more and more people simply looking to sale their well maintained property fast.  They may not want to have the hassle of listing on the MLS.  When listing on the MLS, you have to find the right realtor, keep the home in show condition, worry about what the inspector will find, then wait to see if the loan goes through.  These headaches can all be avoided when using a cash buyer.  Of course just like buying a distressed property, a cash buyer needs to calculate a profit into this purchase.  So it may have great ease and convenance, allowing you to say buy another property quickly, but you will have to understand that it will not be a market value sale.  
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